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Loy Yang B is committed to delivering affordable energy to communities while minimising our environmental impact. We outline our approach to this in our Environmental Policy which is achieved through our environmental management system and by implementing our annual Environmental Improvement Plan. Both of these documents are available below.

Our approach to environmental performance is underpinned by our skilled and dedicated workforce completing their day-to-day activities with a focus on safety and environmental risk management and in accordance with our licence conditions.

EPA licence amendment approved – November 2022

Loy Yang B Request for EPA licence amendment August 2022

Loy Yang B Emissions Compliance Data Available – June 2021

Dust Exceedance Event – August 2020 – Media Release

 Loy Yang B Request for EPA licence amendment June 2020

Dust Exceedance Event – February 2020 – Media Release


Loy Yang B provides daily updates on our environmental performance.

Loy Yang B Emission Monitoring – PM10 and PM2.5 Report

Loy Yang B Emission Monitoring – Class 3 Indicators Program Report


EPA reporting occurs annually and includes the Annual Performance Statement (APS) and submission to the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).

Greenhouse reporting (NGER) is undertaken annually to the Clean Energy Regulator.


Loy Yang B’s annual sustainability report provides an overview of environmental, economic and social performance during the previous financial year and information on how it manages the risks and opportunities associated with sustainability challenges.

Sustainability Report FY23

Sustainability Report FY22

Sustainability Report FY21

Sustainability Report FY20

Sustainability Report FY19

Sustainability Report FY18

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