Research and Development Program

During 2019, we commenced a Research and Development program seeking partners to help us improve our operational performance in one or more of the following areas:

  • Greenhouse emission reduction;
  • Efficiency improvements and optimisation in combustion and electrical generation;
  • Reduction in emissions (air, waste and water);
  • Improved resource utilisation (coal, water, heat, combustion by-products) or greater added value.

We have identified several potential partners to help us achieve this goal, and are working through an assessment to see which would be best suited to help us.


We acknowledge the community’s concerns regarding coal fired power generation and support Australia reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Loy Yang B will play a vital role in the security, reliability and affordability of electricity while this transition takes place. It is important that the projects we support through this program have real potential to improve our operational performance.

Loy Yang B Power Station

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