Environmental Reporting

The table below is updated daily and shows whether the discharge limits as specified in Loy Yang B’s EPA licence # 3987 were exceeded at any time within the preceding 24 hours to midnight for the following indicators: particles (total), carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen.

Indicator Indicator Limit
Last Updated
Particulates Max 11,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Particulates 90th Percentile 4,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Sulfur Dioxide Max 200,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Sulfur Dioxide 90th Percentile 91,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Carbon Monoxide Max 56,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Carbon Monoxide 90th Percentile 3,000 2022-07-03 00:00
Oxides of Nitrogen Max 50,400 2022-07-03 00:00
Oxides of Nitrogen 90th Percentile 42,000 2022-07-03 00:00

Max – 100% of measured values were less than or equal to the maximum limit in the 24 hour period.

90th Percentile – Updated daily based on the previous 365 days, 90% of measured values were less than or equal to the ’90th percentile limit’.

Other parameters in the EPA license are monitored by non-continuous methods at a frequency determined by the sampling & monitoring program.


Compliant, met all conditions
Non-compliant, exceedance event
Equipment fault, invalid data

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Current EPA licence

Annual Performance Statement (APS)

Latrobe Valley Air Monitoring Network (LVAMN)

EPA AirWatch

Licence Holder 3987
Company Name LYB Operations & Maintenance Pty Ltd
Premises Address Loy Yang B Power Station, Bartons Lane, Traralgon, VIC 3844

EPA Licence Map

DP 1 & 2 represent the main stack discharge points for the generating unit 1 & 2.
DP 3 & 4 represent minor discharges for coal handling equipment (dust only).


Loy Yang B Power Station

LYB Operations & Maintenance Pty Ltd
ABN 66 055 563 696


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