Community Partnership Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications open?

We take applications for partnerships and sponsorships once a year only. Applications for the 2024/25 financial year are open from 1 May 2024 until midnight on 26 May 2024. All applicants will be advised of the outcome during June, with payments available to successful applicants from 1 July 2024.

Does my organisation need an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Yes, or you should be associated with/auspiced by an organisation that does.

Does my organisation need to be registered as a deductible gift recipient (DGR)?


Does my organisation need to be registered for GST?


Does my organisation need to be located in the Latrobe Valley?

Applicants should be located in the Latrobe Valley, but will be considered from across the Gippsland region if the funded program will be of benefit to those living in the Latrobe Valley.

Does my application need to relate to funding for a local project?

Yes.  The Loy Yang B Community Partnership Program focuses on community projects taking place in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland, and only those projects that benefit our local community will be considered.

How much funding can I apply for?

We offer small, one-off grants of up to $5,000 and also opportunities for partnerships which are for larger amounts and extend over a couple of years. The amount on offer depends on the budget year to year. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the capacity to contribute to the funding of the project/activity.

What is the difference between a small grant and a partnership?

A small grant is a single application for an amount of up to $5,000. This is a one-off payment to assist with a project or activity which will commence in the 12 months from approval.

A partnership is a longer term arrangement under which we work with an organisation to achieve positive outcomes for the Latrobe Valley. We enter into a written agreement with our partners to set out the terms of what is expected from both the recipient and the sponsor.

Partnerships run for up to three years and see Loy Yang B make an annual payment to a group or organisation for an agreed amount each year (for example $20,000 per year for three years) to deliver a larger project. You are required to submit additional information to support your application for a partnership.



What additional information is needed if I am applying for a partnership?

If you are applying for a partnership, you will need to supply additional information to what is on the application form. This information should be submitted to  after submission of your community partnerships application form.

The information we require is:

  • What you would like the partnership to look like;
  • A plan on how your project will be delivered each year;
  • A budget breakdown of how and where funds will be spent;
  • A plan on how your organisation will contribute to the project.
I didn't submit my application on time, can I still apply for funding?

No. We only accept applications once a year.

Can I apply for funding from Loy Yang B at any time?

No. Loy Yang B runs a once-a-year funding application process. Invitations for applications will be made once a year only, so please plan ahead. 

How do I submit my application?

All applications are accepted online only. Once you have read the criteria, you can commence filling out your application form.


When will I hear back about the status of my application?

Upon submission, you will receive confirmation that your application has been received (sender will be Alinta Energy). We will then contact you within eight weeks to let you know whether or not your application has been successful. If you submitted an application during May 2024 for the 2024/25 financial year, you will hear back on the status of your application in June 2024.

Can I ask a different question?

Sure, email us at

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