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Community Partnership – Life Education Gippsland

The Life Education program was delivered free-of-charge to low-socio economic schools within the Latrobe Valley and bushfire-affected schools in East Gippsland thanks to a partnership between Loy Yang B and Life Education Gippsland.

Primary school students who may have otherwise missed out on the program due to cost, could access the important health and drug information taught in the program, giving them the tools they need to make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

Remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges of physical distancing requirements meant that many of the planned visits to schools during 2020 were postponed, but Life Education Gippsland Committee chairperson Helen Hoppner said the committee would continue to work towards getting Life Education to almost 3000 students in the Gippsland region who don’t receive it.

“This is our commitment to a safe and healthy future for these children in Gippsland,” she said.

Morwell Central Primary School’s 400+ students were among those to receive the program under this arrangement. Principal Justine Smyth said the lessons learnt, including drug and alcohol awareness, cyber safety, and making good friendships, would continue in the classroom.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to access the knowledge from a different source which helps support the curriculum,” she said.

Life EdMorwell Central Primary School students with the Life Education Van and Gippsland educator Jan Stivens and Healthy Harold.

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